• Bard in July

    Bard in July

    Really excited to be heading back to Bard College this coming July to play in the Conductors Institute orchestra. It will be an interesting shift of perspective to attend the Institute as an instrumentalist rather than as a conductor. Repertoire will include: Beethoven Symphony No. 9, Mozart Symphony No. 38 "Prague," Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique, Shostakovich Symphony No. 5, and a few other mega hits. 

  • SOB in TimeOut NY

    "The feisty ensemble known as the SOB serves up a bill quite rightly titled "String Theories," comprising edgy new works by Eli Keszler, Catherine Lamb, Zach Layton and Doron Sadja." Visit page >>>

  • Zach Layton's Stridulitrum

    I had a really good time performing Zach Layton's Stridulitrum last year with Amy Cimini, Alex Waterman, Laura Ortman, and Zach himself on bowed electric guitar. When the idea came up later for Zach to write a piece for the String Orchestra of Brooklyn, I encouraged him to expand the piece from string quartet to string orchestra. The SOB will perform this and 3 other new commissions from Cat Lamb, Doron Sadja, and Eli Keszler on March 27 at Roulette. 


  • Maiden Voyage

    Thanks for visiting my new website! Check back soon for more info and please forgive any initial wonkiness as I learn the ropes of the Virb CMS...